Repeating models, extending Raycast, and squeezing lemons

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Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

This episode is sponsored by Honeybadger - combining error monitoring, uptime monitoring and check-in monitoring into a single, easy to use platform and making you a DevOps hero.

  • (03:30) - Laravel 10.9 released
  • (10:55) - Use ChatGPT to ask a question to the Laravel docs
  • (14:05) - Create repeatable models with Laravel Recurring Models
  • (16:24) - Laravel Artisan Raycast extension
  • (18:38) - PostgreSQL full text search for Laravel Scout
  • (22:20) - Lemon Squeezy for Laravel
  • (26:55) - Sponsor: Honeybadger
  • (27:54) - LDAP framework for PHP
  • (30:24) - Send toas notifications in your Livewire application with Toaster
  • (31:35) - Small but powerful CLI apps with Minicli

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Michael Dyrynda
Michael Dyrynda
Dad. @laravelphp Artisan. @LaraconAU organiser. Co-host of @northsouthaudio & @laravelnews. @thenpingme co-founder. Opinions are mine.
Repeating models, extending Raycast, and squeezing lemons
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