Jack reads the news

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LN18: Jack reads the Laravel related news this week.

Jack reads the laravel related news this week. Eric is off this week.

All the news from issue 105 of the Laravel-News.com newsletter.

  • Laravel is turning 5
  • Original "Introducing Laravel" post from Taylor
  • New Spark Tutorial added this week.
  • Several new articles on dotdev.co on using git for Branching, merging and rebasing (great articles)
  • Several articles on using view Composers
  • Contract testing
  • Multiple Migrations Paths coming in Laravel 5.3
  • Cascading softdeletes with Laravel 5 (package)
  • Scaffolding with custom commands by Amo Chohan
  • Laravel API generator
  • Laravel Docusign
  • Request rate limiter middleware for Laravel 5.2+
Jack reads the news
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