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Eric Barnes

Founder of Laravel News

Appears in 28 Episodes

Laravel 5.3.18, Yarn, Leanpub, and more.

In this episode, we discuss Yarn, Facebook's new JavaScript package manger, the new Laravel Links section, and lots of other random topics.

Computer Vision Syndrome, Hacktoberfest, Laravel Valet

In this epsiode, we talk about Computer Vision Syndrome, making the front page of Hacker News, troubleshooting Valet, and more.

Laravel 5.3.8, Spark 2, Lumen 5.3 and more!

In this week's episode, we discuss the new Laravel 5.3.8, briefly cover Spark 2 & Lumen 5.3, and talk a lot about our progression of code editors.

Laravel 5.3 and Shift with Taylor Otwell and Jason McCreary

LN25: In this episode, we are joined by Taylor Otwell and Jason McCreary to discuss Laravel 5.3 and Laravel Shift.

Laracon EU Special Edition

LN24: Eric and Jack talk with Shawn McCool and Freek Van der Herten about Laracon EU 2016!

The Laracon US Recap Episode

LN23: In this episode, we talk about last weeks Laracon, some of our favorite talks, and the new Laravel News.

The Laracon US 2016 Special With Taylor Otwell, Evan You, Chris Fidao, and Adam Wathan

LN22: A special "Laracon" edition of the podcast. In this episode, we chat with Taylor Otwell, Evan You, Adam Wathan, and Chris Fidao about their talks at Laracon, pro...

Laracon, Laravel 5.3 Advanced Where, October CMS, Canvas

LN21: In this episode, we discuss Laracon Live Streaming, the new advanced where for Collections, and a few new apps and packages. We also talk about using named funct...

Refactoring to Collections with Adam Wathan

LN20: In this week's Laravel News podcast we have Adam Wathan on to talk about his book Refactoring to Collections and a new package MailThief.

A look at what's coming to Laravel 5.3

LN19: A look at what's coming to Laravel 5.3

Jack reads the news

LN18: Jack reads the Laravel related news this week.

Laravel Echo, Valet, and PHP-FIG implosion

LN17: In this episode, we talk about Laravel Echo and new changes to Valet.

Laravel Valet with Taylor Otwell and Adam Wathan

LN16: Laravel Valet is a new high-speed development environment by Taylor Otwell and Adam Wathan. In this special edition episode of the Laravel News Podcast Eric and...

Interview with Mike Bronner about his early experiences with Laravel Spark

LN15: Jack reads the news and interviews Mike Bronner while Eric takes a much needed week off.

Laravel Spark with Taylor Otwell

LN14: Laravel Spark is here and Taylor Otwell is here to talk about it!!!

Covering a few community Laravel packages

LN13: Laravel Exception Reporter, Chrome Bandwidth limiter, Chrome extension to generate Laravel tests, Jigsaw, Helpspot Vault, Fixing MySql Memory, Sparkwatch, Taxes,...

Composer updates, Laravel Backup 3, Katana, Mail Preview Driver, and more...

LN12: In this episode, we talk about the latest Laravel news including Composer updates, Github Relaxing their API limit, Laravel internals moving to Github issues. Th...

Interview with Shawn McCool about Laracon EU and Laravel Spark

LN11: In this episode, we talk with Shawn McCool about and we discuss the latest news in the Laravel world.

Lots of converstion! CloudflareSSL and Forge, Laptop scam, Code fonts

LN10: Eric and Jack talk business, and the news this week, it's a long episode

Laracon, Laravel Gurus, and more

LN09: Eric and Jack talk about Laravel News Items for the week ending Jan 5th, 2016.

Database Backups, Test Driven Laravel, WordPress & Laravel, PDF generation, and the PHP Code of Conduct

LN 08: Backups methods compared with special guest Freek Van der Herten, Test Driven Laravel, WordPress & Laravel, and PDF generation

Laracon, Laravel 5.2, Simplecast, Linode, and Project Management

LN07: We kick off 2016 with a discussion on Upgrading to Laravel 5.2, Laracon, the Linode DoS attack, And simple project management tips that have made us more product...

PHP7, Laravel 5.2, LaraVer, and interviews with Colin O'Dell and Mike Bronner

LN06: We're joined by Colin O'Dell and Mike Bronner this week. Colin talks to us about new features in PHP7, Mike talks to us about and Eric and Jack talk ...

Laracon 2016 dates announced

LN05: Laracon 2016 announced, Jack's Homestead Adventures, TV shows, and more...

Laravel Homestead

LN04: Features of this episode include Fallout 4, Laravel Homestead, Lets Encrypt, some new Laravel packages, tutorials, and more...

Laravel Quickstart Tutorials

LN03: Laravel Quickstart Guides, New Features coming to Laravel 5.2, Bootstrap/Sass/Elixir, Laravel Tagging Package, Password strength, Why Developers hate being inter...

Laravel Model Factories

LN02: This episode discusses Laravel Model Factories, Blade Directives, and more!

Pilot: Welcome to the Laravel News Podcast

LN01: Our First Episode of the Laravel News Podcast.

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