October in February, new terminals, and modularized Laravel

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Jake and Michael discuss all the latest Laravel releases, tutorials, and happenings in the community.

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  • (06:33) - With Laravel 10.44 you can add Model Scopes and Observers using PHP Attributes
  • (13:45) - October CMS v3.6 Ships Today, Full of New Features
  • (17:13) - PhpStorm is getting a brand new terminal
  • (20:53) - Laracon EU Videos are now out
  • (22:24) - Easy management of your application settings with Setting Pro
  • (25:52) - Create elegant Discord bots with Laracord
  • (29:13) - Tempo: The easiest way to work with dates in JavaScript
  • (30:04) - Handle money transactions in Eloquent with Laravel Wallet
  • (31:39) - Modularize your Laravel application with the Modular package
  • (34:13) - Use Google's Gemini AI in Laravel
  • (34:59) - Add Kanban boards to your Laravel app in seconds
  • (36:02) - Essential plugins for PHPStorm users
  • (37:30) - Six essential plugins for Visual Studio Code

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Michael Dyrynda
Michael Dyrynda
Dad. @laravelphp Artisan. @LaraconAU organiser. Co-host of @northsouthaudio & @laravelnews. @thenpingme co-founder. Opinions are mine.
October in February, new terminals, and modularized Laravel
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