PHP7, Laravel 5.2, LaraVer, and interviews with Colin O'Dell and Mike Bronner

LN06: We're joined by Colin O'Dell and Mike Bronner this week. Colin talks to us about new features in PHP7, Mike talks to us about and Eric and Jack talk about stuff we've heard about Laravel 5.2, Flexbox Froggy, Lets Encrypt

Show Notes

PHP 7:

Colin O'Dell, author of PHP 7 UpgradeGuide Joins us to share new features of PHP7 and advice on things listeners might want to check before upgrading to PHP7.


Mike Bronner joins us to talk about a new service that monitors the change logs for Laravel in Github

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End of year update

This is our last episode for 2015, we'll be back on January 8th with more Laravel News!

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